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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Inspires Friendship & Romance at National Events

The Professional Bowlers Association promotes a growing membership base of over 3,000 bowling enthusiasts around the world. The organization's year-round tournaments bring pros and fans into the same bowling alley to cheer, compete and mingle. Some regular visitors, such as Monica and Shane Johnson, make great friends and relationships during these vibrant events. The exciting, competitive and optimistic atmosphere appeals to people who love bowling and want to be part of a unique, welcoming community.

Monica and Shane Johnson have a unique love story because they did not meet at school, online or in a bar. They met at a bowling alley.
Years ago, Monica and Shane got along very well when working with Taylor Lanes in Taylor, Michigan. They combined a common interest in bowling and decided never to split up.

The couple had both a bridal shower and a baby shower in Taylor Lanes, and when it was time to call their baby, they called it Taylor Layne as a tribute to the beginning of their relationship.

"It started as a joke, but it really fits," Monica said, "and Taylor likes her name because there's a story behind it."

As full-time parents, Monica and Shane do not have much time for themselves and their hobbies (Taylor's dance classes have replaced the Bowling leagues in Johnson's calendar), but they still take time to attend the Professional Bowlers Association events in the US

The Michigan-based couple often seeks to watch PBA tournaments, cheer on the pros and reunite with their friends in the organization. Bowling has been an important linchpin in their relationship, and the PBA has given them access to a community of people who love sport as much as they do.

"At first it was just something to do, but it became a whole family thing," Monica said. "It's our whole life now."

Travel long distances to follow the tournaments
Bowling was more than just a fun activity for the Johnson family - it was at the heart of their social activities. They are planning whole holidays around PBA tournaments. Monica said they traveled in 14 states to watch the pros play.

"It's funny because when we first traveled to watch the boys roll, many of them made a double take when they saw us," Monica explained. "After a while, they got so used to us that it did not surprise them anymore."
Monica and Shane have a particularly good time in Las Vegas to compete in major tournaments, but qualifying tournaments in Ohio, Connecticut and neighboring countries are worth the miles. When traveling to another city, they usually stay with people they know in the PBA.

Over the years Monica and Shane have found great friends at PBA events. They count many professionals, including Dave Vodka, Dick Allen and Jason Couch, as close friends. When bowling tournaments come to Detroit, the Johnsons receive some of the players in their house, and they have worked behind the scenes to help with these local events.

Monica and Shane enjoy the enthusiastic and fun atmosphere at PBA events, whether they are a scorekeeper or just follow the action as fans. It's exciting for her to be so close to the action. They often exchange tips and exchange jokes with some of the most famous professionals in the sport.

"The amount of friends we have gained thanks to the PBA is unreal," said Monica. "It's just a great organization that promotes great sports."

The organization has over 3,000 members in 30 countries
The PBA has more than 3,000 members worldwide, yet encourages neighborliness in bowling tournaments and events. The 2019 go bowling! PBA Tour Schedule showed playoffs on television and non-televised rounds in Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, Nevada and other parts of the country.

One of the most entertaining aspects of a PBA tournament is the lack of separation between players and fans. They are not sitting far back on a stadium seat. They are not aside and stretch their heads for a good view. You are right behind the bowlers and close enough to hear their solemn cries and strategic talks.

"It's a unique experience," said Monica. "You're actually able to interact with the players and say hello to them, you will not get that in any other sport."
Monica has been a fan of the PBA for years. She got to know many professional bowlers by attending regular PBA events, and she said that many of her closest friendships began on bowling alleys across the country.

She characterized the PBA as one big family in which everyone knows and stays in touch. A family looking forward to the tournaments when they can hold a casual reunion on the bowling alley.

The Twitter account of the PBA Tour sees a lot of love among the fans. It has over 50,000 followers who enjoy keeping up to date with what's going on in the community. While other corners of the Internet are flooded with hate and trolls, the PBA is promoting a space of goodwill and encouragement.

"I wish we had more double shows on TV," Joe commented on a PBATour tweet. "It's fun to see her!"

Founded in 1958, the PBA is a meeting place for bowling enthusiasts who want to turn a traditional solo hobby into a team sport that inspires community events.

The PBA: A close-knit community continues to grow
Taylor Lanes was there from the first date to the first birthday party for many special moments in people's lives, and the Johnsons undoubtedly see it as an important part of their family history. Monica and Shane have built a relationship - and many friendships - on the bowling alley and continue to find community and fellowship through PBA events across the country.

For decades, the PBA has brought together people with a love of bowling, and in its inviting atmosphere, beginners, amateurs and professionals feel at home. PBA event tickets are offered online. Participants do not have to have any prior knowledge or experience to participate in the games and activities.

"The PBA has some of the nicest guys and girls you'll ever meet," said Monica. "It's the most fan-friendly sport there is, and anyone can bowl, regardless of age or gender, I honestly can not imagine what life would have been like if bowling and the PBA had not existed."

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