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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Love 7 Enhances Loving Conversation for Couples

Loving play in a monogamous relationship should be palpable, breathtaking and fearless. If that's true, how is it that many of us are content with the same sexual positions?

Too often, spouses become too important to experiment in the bedroom. This takes the mysterious element of sex between two people and brings our wild erotic nature into a vessel that will never be reopened.

Sometimes, partners no longer bother to seduce their partner. They assume that the ring on the finger means they do not have to try. That a wedding ring means that you are turned on by me, no matter what I do or what I look like. You will love me until death separates us.

Your partner may love you, no matter what, but your lack of effort to stay sexy prevents your partner from becoming sexy.

Passionate sex requires attention. Both partners must penetrate deep into the forest of connectedness and erotic desire to discover the best sex of their lives. As much as our culture deviates from history, that lovemaking should be easy, it is not.
The kind of life-changing sex that awakens the neighbors requires a certain amount of anxiety, because amazing lovemaking is at the intersection of personal growth for both partners. It requires couples to overcome self-esteem problems. At new ways of lovemaking and fucking fail. Combating the sexual shame that inhibits our erotic nature. They need to challenge each other and themselves to develop their full sexual potential.

If you want a lovemaking that overcomes your body as you enter a new realm of existence, then your sex life must be able to tolerate intense intimacy. I'm not talking about a cuddle session after sex. I'm talking about the kind of intimacy that makes your heart feel so warm that your heart feels like the sun is bursting in your chest.

Intimacy is the gateway to the kind of sex many of us spend our lives trying to determine if we will ever experience anything. When I started exploring the intimacy with my partner, I was challenged in a way I never thought possible. When I allowed my partner to really see me, I felt extremely vulnerable. I wanted it to stop. But as I grew through the discomfort, our sex became passionate.

I began to feel connected to my partners in a way I had never felt before. The intimacy between us was intense. Our sex life had a life of its own; it was running around freely. We really began to feel as our emotional walls dropped to deep intimacy.
I want you to experience what it's like to use sex and intimacy as a gateway to personal growth and your ever-evolving erotic nature. This is not an easy task, but the following seven interviews will help you to start your sexual search with your partner.

Instructions: Some of these questions may make you or your partner uncomfortable. If so, you can immerse yourself in the conversation with some simpler questions that cause the least amount of anxiety.

If you are ashamed, you become curious as to why. Bring it with your partner and tell him that you feel uncomfortable. You can even wait until you're alone and explore it with the Four Why exercise.
Remember that your partner opens his deep dark book of eroticism. This is extremely difficult and requires immense vulnerability. Avoid judging your partner at any cost. Express your understanding and let them trust you enough to reveal their desires and needs.

Passionate lovemaking for couples: intimacy & emotions
Some couples say that good sex depends on a sense of connectedness. Is that true for you? What do you need from me to feel that way?
Some people need sex to feel close to, while others only want sex when they are close. Which one are you? Do you think we are different? Does that cause a problem? If so, how can we change?
Sometimes partners do not remember what the other finds exciting and erotic. Are there ways to touch you or activities that I have forgotten? Can you give me a refresher course?
What makes sex more romantic and passionate for you?
Do you want our sex to feel more like sex or more like fucking? How could we do that?
What were the most beautiful and romantic times we ever had? What can we do to do this again?
Do you think I'm still seducing you? If not, when did that stop between us? Is that something we should work on?

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