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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Brits need less than four months to say "I love you"

When it comes to dating, saying "I love you" is a contentious issue.

Although some people wait six months before saying these three little words to their partner, others may break out within a few days of meeting Tinder.

According to recent research, the average British says "I love you" in 108 days, less than four months. One in ten says it within a week.

E-Harmony, an online dating site, surveyed 2,000 Britons and said that people from Scotland are the ones who are quick to acknowledge their love in every region of the UK. On average Scott needs only 84 days to say "I love you".
Then came the East Midlands (90 days), the Southeast (105 days) and Londoners who need an average of 132 days.
The study also looked at groups that most likely called "I love you". It turns out that men under the age of 35 are on the top list, with every fifth (22%) telling someone they love it in a week or less.

Two in five Britons said they had a sexual preference before saying "I love you" and one in five said they wanted to meet their partner's parents first.
Dating Coach James Press agrees that waiting three to four months is a great time to tell someone you love him.

"They have met well. We hope to have a real relationship."

"If you try to tell them first, it will frighten them, because they do not know you well, and if they are later, they will wonder if they have recovered their feelings. That can stop them from doing so. They themselves say, and the longer it takes, the harder it will be. "

Regardless of what you choose to say after a week or a year, the press insists that you say so for the right reasons.

He added, "You have to do this because you really want them to know how important they are to you, not just listening to them."
"Not everyone is in love right away or shows it right away. If you don't hear it right now, don't panic. Check your actions instead."

Dating psychologist Madeleine Mason Rotary said "I love you" can have different meanings for different people. This is important if you think about saying so.

"It may mean, 'I love your socks and want to get intimate' or 'I want you for a moment', I have deep feelings for you and I want the rest of you. Want to share. I spend my life with you, "she tells Azad.

"In general, we consider it the latter, and if the word L means that we are aligning ourselves with someone, then it is too soon to say if you do not know the person well. Will be."

Although there are those who at first glance believe in wholehearted love, Mason argues that this is fundamentally impossible.
"You can't love someone you don't know," she says, "otherwise you just love one aspect of someone and not the whole." And it takes time. "

In order to truly love someone, Mason believes that you need to know this day, spend time with friends and family, and share personal details about your past.

"If you say that you love someone in less than a month, remember that you can shoot a gun. Do you still love the person when he has a bad time and feels bad? Is it? Are you interested in yourself while you're down? " , He says.

"On the contrary, if you have difficulty running the word L after a year, this may be a sign that you are abstaining from that covenant."

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